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Questions about cleanliness, conditions and practices that helps maintaining health and preventing diseases to spread.

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23 votes
4 answers

How can I politely tell someone that they should take a shower?

When I was in college, myself and a few friends gathered weekly to play D&D together. One friend had weekly track & field sessions scheduled prior to our meet-ups. Usually, this wasn't an ...
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17 votes
2 answers

How can I politely ask someone to blow their nose in public?

From time to time there are cases when I would really like someone (a friend/acquaintance of mine) to blow their nose, whether it be because they're constantly sniffling, or that I can see snot in ...
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How to ask a co-worker to sneeze into their elbow?

My co-worker has been sneezing about 8 times a day for the last two weeks. Like clock-work, I will hear him loudly sneeze out into the air every hour. He is not covering his mouth when he sneezes (and ...
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How and when to tell someone they have food in their teeth

I'm in America and every once in a while I come across someone with food stuck in their teeth. Recently it happened with a coworker I feel friendly towards. I first noticed while we were having a 1:...
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How to tell a colleague to take care of how he looks

I am working in a software consultancy company, and our job has a good deal of direct interaction with clients. We are a very international bunch of people, but we are based in Germany, and all our ...
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16 votes
8 answers

How can I tactfully ask someone to wash their hands when going to the bathroom?

Recently I had a few friends come over to play a board game. At one point, one of them went to the bathroom, which was near the area in which we were playing. After about 5 minutes (which would ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How to tactfully tell a martial arts instructor that I was freaked out by his lack of action?

The other day I joined a martial art/combat sport class. Apart from the many positive aspects of the experience, there was unfortunately one thing that really freaked me out. When the sparring session ...
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How to tell flatmate that one of her visitors often leaves the toilet in a dirty state?

My flatmate and me are very good friends. Both me and her put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness in our whole apartment (what is suiting completely fine). For a few days her family stays here for a ...
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Preventing strangers from touching my phone without causing negative response

The typical scenario is as follows. I go into a store and ask a question. During the conversation, I need to show them that they actually do carry an item I'm inquiring about (or maybe that something ...
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