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Questions that have a specific focus on people in Poland or Polish culture.

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How to ask a landlord to install air conditioning?

I rent an upper mid-class standard flat, solo, Warsaw, Poland. The only big drawback is heat. From about April to September room temperature stays at >26 Celsius day and night. This lowers sleep ...
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My family is ridiculing me because I didn't graduate university

A bit of context - I never finished university (I got to the stage where I had completed all courses and had my engineering thesis to complete - I didn't because I focused on work and getting ...
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How to socialise with large groups of speakers in another language

I am an English guy, teaching at an educational camp in Poland, which is hosted for Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and Hungarians. Everyone seems to be able to speak English well enough to have a ...
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How to tell family members that they should not downplay your major?

My girlfriend is studying both math and Computer Science (CS) at the best university in Poland, which is literally the hardest way to get through university. The acceptance policy says that they only ...
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Is it rude when a colleague I invited to my house proposes the meeting be at his house instead? [closed]

We're from Poland. I invited my colleague to my house with a proposition of drinking beer, which I had brought from abroad. At first, he said he is interested but a couple of days later, he proposed ...
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