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Use this tag for questions that involve people with multiple partners, regardless of what word they use to describe it.

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7 votes
4 answers

In a polyamorous relationship, how to go about telling "I love you" to new partner?

Saying "I love you" means a lot like in any other relationship, specially since I'm always upfront from early days about not saying it lightly like some people do and to remove the cultural ambiguity ...
61 votes
9 answers

How to introduce metamours without causing awkwardness?

I am involved in a polyamorous relationship. Currently my wife has both a husband (me) and a boyfriend. We like to go out for normal "couple" type activities like dinner dates, movies, and attending ...
9 votes
1 answer

How do I tactfully approach both polyamorous partners to talk about their expectations about the future? [closed]

I have 2 girlfriends in a polyamorous relationship. I have been dating the first one for a couple of years and I recently started dating the second one for 8 months. They are friends with each other ...