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For questions related to presenting information in front of an audience, particularly when employing a visual aid.

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Are longer, text-heavy slides more effective at communicating ideas than quick, numerous slides?

Most people have gone through their share of Powerpoint presentations where someone is trying to communicate a set of information. Most people also seem to hate these, and get distracted or bored. I ...
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How do I improve my presentation skills in the seminar? [closed]

I am an engineering student and I have to prepare seminars frequently. Seminars count for the marks scored and credit. I'm given a topic, I prepare it thoroughly and make a good content slide. All my ...
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How to deal with rude interruptions in a seminar? [closed]

The following situation has occurred several times with B (the same person, in the audience), A (a speaker, different from time to time), and C (the audience, mostly the same). A is presenting some ...
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How to present myself to other cultures on cover letters [closed]

I'm a Brasilian developer and I'm currently looking for reallocation to another country. For that, I need a cover letter for my resume, but Brasilians tend to be playful and not that formal even on ...
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How can I politely ask my audience to not use their cellphones when I am giving a talk?

As a scientific researcher, I occasionally find myself giving scientific talks in the conferences, universities, and colleges. I try to make my talk as entertaining and understandable as possible so ...
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