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When someone is showing no respect for a god or a religion, especially through language. About an offensive or obscene word or phrase, like swearing or blasphemy.

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Parents found out I'd bought herbal cigarettes. How could I have parents regain trust in me? [closed]

This is my first post. I'm new here, so tell me if I make a mistake. I'll be happy to follow. Here goes. So I'd tried buying these things called herbal cigarettes online. My parents didn't know. I ...
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Is using profanity only around some people considered two faced? [closed]

From my perspective, profanity "is what it is", I don't use it frequently but I have no real issue with it. Though, I do understand that some people do have issue with profanity. Because of this, ...
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How to let people know I won't be offended by explicit talk?

I was raised conservatively, and despite all my changes after getting out into the wide world, it still shows. I'm quiet, dress fairly modestly, and never swear in public - I have strong inhibitions ...
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How can I get the point across that what people are saying are swear words in English and is therefore offensive to me?

Here in Israel, most people don't realize that what they are saying is offensive to English speakers. People will regularly drop F-bombs and other such words. It's in music played publicly. (The ...
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How to tell friends something goes against my religion?

I am currently in middle school, and as many of you know, profanity is thrown around in middle school like clothes in a dryer. My religion prohibits me from being profane, how can I tell my friends ...
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Ways to deal with someone who uses expletives? [closed]

Expletives (swearing, cursing, cussing) are in far more common use today, than they were in the past. "Official" media censorship and other imposed controls have been softened, or removed all ...
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