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Use this tag on questions where queueing is an important part of the questions; not for questions about something that just happens to happen in a queue.

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5 votes
2 answers

How to get a friend to stop acting like a therapist?

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I suffered from a depressive episode last year. A friend of mine feels I'm too negative. He constantly prods me in social situations -- "What's going good Bob?&...
16 votes
7 answers

Accidental queue jumpers refuse to believe their mistake

I was queuing at a café when two older men cut the queue ahead of me. I believe it was a genuine mistake - the room was cramped with people, and a space appeared when a woman missed that the queue was ...
41 votes
5 answers

How can a girl ask a heavily tattooed, tall man who jumped the line, to get in line?

My 16-year-old sister (only 5"2') was waiting in line, when a burly, sturdy, tattooed man jumped the line in front of her. No other persons were around them. She felt too scared by his brawniness ...
13 votes
2 answers

How can I wait in line for the bathroom without crowding people as they exit?

When I'm in a public establishment and there's a wait for the bathroom, I prefer not to stand too close to the door, because then I'm right in the face of the person exiting. In particular, I think ...
20 votes
4 answers

Etiquette for a person who has already queued once

I was at the front of a queue of 5 or 6 people waiting for train tickets, at a station in London, England. It was a similar length when I joined, and had taken about 10 minutes to reach the front. A ...
13 votes
3 answers

When in queue at the supermarket, how do I get my personal space?

A quick cultural and personal background: this refers to Germany, and I am terrible at handling ANY kind of even mild conflict with people, especially people I don't know. When in queue in a ...