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People assuming dead person's intentions

Background: My mom died about 1.5 years ago of cancer. I'm 31 and have always been a Mama's boy, I'm proud of it, I'm an extremely good cook, I can darn my socks and so on. Since my mom died tho, I ...
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3 answers

How to properly tell others that forgetting something doesn't mean I don't care about them?

I am taking postgraduate education and also have a very stressful job and I'm in a serious relationship. Getting these things together take a lot of my time and mind. When I'm around people not from ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Dealing with older people who insist on doing everything themselves, refusing help and hoarding skills/knowledge

This is something I've noticed with older people, mainly men - the desire to do e.g. household or other maintenance-type tasks themselves, without explaining how to do it, even preferring that I'm not ...
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2 answers

How to be less awkward at a funeral?

My aunt (my mother's only sister) died a few days ago. I was like "uh". Not that I don't care. I loved her. My problem is that I can't feel. I was sad but felt no sadness, like I was ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to tell a sister-in-law I don't like her how much personal content she sends me?

My husband is Indian and I am South American. We live in Europe and we deal well with our cultural differences, we talk and reach consensus most of the time. It turns out that my husband's sister-in-...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to stop divulging information that I don't want to share?

My cousin asks me things that I don't want to share, yet I share details with her because I don't know a polite way to tell her that I don't want to share. From time to time, she asks me about my ...
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How to encourage a relative to follow their initial will to try therapy?

The elder sister of my boyfriend is in a situation I would not envy: being in her 50s, jobless and no qualification, married to someone she doesn't really love and controlling her finance tightly, ...
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How to apologize about a broken relationship with a relative?

I have a relative, with whom I had bad behaviour. Not rude, not mean, just that I had not the good words, I did not send much text messages, and thus I was not there when this relative needed me (no ...
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How to get relative to respond without coming across as overly nudgy?

About two weeks ago, I reconnected with a second cousin of mine. She was visiting with her family, and although our two families are close, I never had the opportunity to really communicate with her (...
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