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How to approach a friend who is vague when trying to plan a meet up?

I have a friend and we talk frequently on WhatsApp. We have just got back in touch after a few years of losing touch. I remembered her to be quite unreliable but I have considered that after a few ...
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How to look after a partner at a party?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 5 months and enjoy going to parties together. We both always have a great time and are comfortable doing things together and splitting off to do our own ...
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How do I approach feeling unappreciated for taking care of my girlfriend's niece for two months?

Spurred by the quarantine, girlfriend[27] and I[29] hastily moved in after two months of dating back in June. Around our three-month mark, her 12-year-old niece was subjected to serious trauma from ...
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Problem with the "thirst of power" of a colleague

I am working in a company, and I am having this type of problem: whenever we start a new project a colleague of mine always wants to be the leader of the project. He is now leading a very important ...
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Working to resolve a safety issue after having been lied to by the person responsible

Background A couple sinkholes have appeared in a drainage area behind my house, which is surrounded by other houses in our neighborhood. The area is normally flat, dry, and grassy, so I used to play ...
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How can I get my wife to be less spendthrift?

I am married for 15+ years and working at an Indian technology company. These days, layoffs have been so frequent in my industry; for instance at my company they happened twice in the last three ...
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Rude behavior in canteen

In our work place there are around 1100 employees. Majority of them collectively gather in factory canteen during break and take their lunch.This canteen consists of a big hall with hundreds of ...
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How to deal with the fact my dad raised money for charity, then spent the cash on himself? [closed]

I'm 26, female, living at home with my parents for now (boyfriend left me to get a job abroad, said the relationship was effectively over), and over the past few months my dad was fundraising £40,000 ...
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How can I stress to my brother the importance of saving when he relies on me as a safety net?

My younger brother has a wife and two daughters and has habit of spending money. For example, he likes going to movies often, eating out often, and buying name brand clothes. I also have a wife and ...
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How can I tell someone who's in a vulnerable state the truth?

A very close friend of mine, let's call him David, in his mid-thirties has just (1 year and a half) recovered from a very hard and horrifying for his environment state of drug abuse and isolation that ...
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How can I tell my boyfriend "I told you so" without sounding too full of myself?

What I'm about to describe is in relation to this How can I tell a friend they need to help with what they promised because what they promised can't wait? My boyfriend and I decided to help out ...
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How can I tell a friend they need to help with what they promised because what they promised can't wait?

Situation My boyfriend, John, has a female cat. He's had her for a long time. He also happens to have a friend, Lily, who loves cats. Over time, Lily went from being a cat lover to being a cat ...
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How do I decline contact with a previous buyer?

I recently sold my first car to someone. The sale went very fast, they test drove it, looked at it and signed over the car. This was about 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden I get a text message 'Can you ...
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How to be accountable for your actions but not responsible for others' needs? [closed]

In Nonviolent Communication and other communication frameworks, there's the concept of having responsibility for your own feelings and needs. In other words, if you want something from others, it's ...
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