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For issues that take place in a restaurant, where the location of a restaurant plays an important part in the question. Can also be questions about interactions in restaurants (such as interacting with restaurant staff).

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Covering for person who refuses to tip waiter without offending?

I had some guests in town visiting from Europe this past weekend. They wanted to treat me to a nice meal as a thank you for me hosting them so we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, which was ...
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"Reserved" seats at crowded food court? [closed]

I am at a crowded food court, food stalls all have a 20 minutes queue, and not a single seat is available. Eating outside of the food court is not an easy option either. But then there is this 4 ...
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What's the proper etiquette to be relocated from table at a restaurant?

Context I was at a restaurant yesterday and one person on the table next to us was so loud that they sounded as if sat right at our own table, an annoying companion you could say. Regularly, loud ...
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What is the etiquette regarding ordering food at a restaurant if someone is late?

When at a restaurant with a group of friends (3 or more), and one person is running late, what is the etiquette around ordering before everyone has arrived? Considering that with an especially large ...
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Is it acceptable to order food at a restaurant if the person you are meeting is late?

In the past, I've waited for over an hour, and I spent most of the meal feeling irritated at my friend. I feel I would have been able to enjoy their company more if I had just ordered. I also felt ...
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How to handle people at a nearby table talking too loud?

I'm sitting alone in a restaurant when a group of teenagers or young adults comes in and takes a table near the center of the restaurant. We're the only customers in the restaurant, and I'm listening ...
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How do I deal with Americans who are trying to force me into tipping? [closed]

I do not support the tipping system. I think it's absolutely repulsive that restaurants don't just pay their employees what they ought to be paid, and instead have them relying on the whims of random ...
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