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How to deal with close relatives not taking COVID-19 seriously?

Context I live in an Eastern European country within the EU where COVID-19 has created relatively few victims due to the lock-down being put in place quite quickly in the spring. However, as the ...
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Are there any common hand signals/gestures one can use while wearing a mask that can communicate simple things to others?

I live in New York City — The Big Apple! One of the largest cities in the world! — and also the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. As such, I’ve been wearing a mask daily for ...
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How to ask primary roommate not to share key to my room with other people?

I live in a shared house and one of the roommates has the lease to the place. With is permission, I put a lock on my bedroom door. He then insisted I give him a key. I had hid a key for him to use, ...
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How to convince girlfriend to not cycle to work? [closed]

My girlfriend and I have recently moved to London and she wants to get a bicycle. Her reason is more along the lines of personal freedom that you get with a bike. It is (very pointedly) not about the ...
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Making a (second) first impression on mother-in-law. How can I survive this?

My mother-in-law hates my guts and we haven't even met yet. This weekend, my wife and I will be meeting up with her parents for the first time after they kicked her out unexpectedly. This will be the ...
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How do I convince my father to use his cell phone? [closed]

My (68 y/o) father does not use, upgrade, or keep his cell phone with him at all. His current phone is a very old Iphone, perhaps a ver. 5, and he generally leaves it at home when he goes out to do ...
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How to politely notify someone that they are not using proper car safety (possibly against the law)? [closed]

The title feel awkward, so if anyone can improve it, that would be great. Here's what I mean: Sometimes you walk along the street and see someone in a car without a seat belt. Let's assume it's ...
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How to act out of concern for safety in group setting with an individual showing aggressive tendencies?

Not sure if this question is better for martial arts or what. The goal is personal safety, but I find it interpersonal because it's a matter of maintaining personal safety using 'soft' strategies (...
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How to persuade elderly neighbors to reconsider staying North this winter?

For many years, we have shared a 500-foot long driveway with people, whom I will call ON. ON, who are now 87 and 97, have been going South every fall and winter for nearly 15 years. This year, for (...
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