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How to thank someone for her kindness in welcoming you publically?

I am in a formal setting whereby my superior pleasantly welcomed me in an email (tricky to say it is non-formal, it is formal but in a nice way) among other members. I want to reply to her via email, ...
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How do I thank someone that went through a traumatic experience in the place of my daughter?

I'll be really brief because I don't want to divulge too much details for safety. My teenage daughter along with a woman in her late 20s were kidnapped by an armed man in his late 30s. After driving ...
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How to determine which gesture of appreciation will be the most effective?

Recently, I decided to learn more about Love languages. According to this website, here is a list of the various way people can show appreciation for someone: Physical touch Gift giving Words of ...
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Saying thanks without making it sounds like "you are doing me a favor"?

I'm a 23 year old woman, working as a junior Q&A. Some time ago I asked the dev team (mostly men, all older than me) for something that I needed to do my job. They weren't really happy with my ...
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Etiquette of sending a "thank you" message to the host after attending a house party? [closed]

I was recently invited to my friend's house for lunch on a Sunday. We spent the afternoon together as well. I wonder if in western culture it is necessary to call up the next day and say something ...
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Appropriate way to show appreciation to colleague?

I've started my first year in industry some months ago in a UK Software company. Since I'm pretty much a newbie I had to ask around for help. There is this guy that has been helping me a lot with work ...
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How do I respond to "you're welcome" when I didn't say "thank you"? [closed]

Someone tells me "you're welcome" but I didn't say "thank you." Should I thank them now, or is it too late? Context: Sometimes I forget to thank people. Other times people say "you're welcome" to ...
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Do I say 'You're Welcome' to a thank you message that would normally not require an answer? [closed]

Context I work in a company in Germany and I'm fairly new to my colleagues. Recently our team got a new boss. During a task that my boss performed he pointed out the the outcome was not to his ...
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How can I subtly ask someone if they sent a congratulatory card?

I recently married and got quite a few congratulatory cards. However, I didn't get any message from a couple that is friends with my parents and usually congratulates me for everything (birthdays, job ...
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When to open a gift / present given in person

Question: When given a token gift in person (say a housewarming present or a thank you card), is it generally expected that it will be opened immediately in the presence of the giver and discussed, or ...
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How to "thank" someone who sends you a PostCard you dislike?

Snail-mail has been one of my favourite hobbies in recent times as I have subscribed to an online forum where you sign up and someone (totally random user from anywhere in the world) sends you a ...
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Who do you say Thanks, Thank You and Thank You Very Much to?

Situation: It's my birthday today and I am getting calls and messages from my friends and relatives for wishes. Some of them are close friends and some relatives are younger than me while others are ...
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