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How do I tactfully ask for my hotel room to be cleaned more thoroughly? [closed]

I am doing some temporary work for a few months and the company is paying for my housing in a nearby hotel. The room comes with typical housekeeping service to clean the sheets, bathroom, etc. I have ...
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How to get to know a service staff without interrupting her work? [duplicate]

On friday night I was out with some friends of mine, we often go to a hookah lounge (which are quite common here in germany, I don't really know about other countries - basically you can smoke hookahs,...
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How to explain to customer service they are wrong without being rude [closed]

I have been put in a situation where I am quite sure that I am right, and customer service for a country-leading webshop are most likely wrong. How do I tell them that they are wrong without offending ...
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How to interact with a deaf/hard of hearing Uber driver

A friend of mine told me recently that he ordered an Uber, and while the car was coming, the app informed him that his driver was "deaf or hard of hearing." He was unsure of the proper etiquette for ...
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How inconvenienced will a server be if I ask them to split a check two ways? [closed]

I regularly go on dates with people where our dinner arrangement is to each pay for our own meal. When we ask a server to split the check (either by seat or 50/50 if there were multiple communal items)...
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