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Questions about the social aspects of smoking or vaping or interacting with those who do.

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Being asked to lend a cigarette to someone who has had a stroke

I am currently on holiday and met an older married couple here. I had a little talk today with the husband, and he told me that his wife had a stroke and just started smoking again. And he is ...
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Communicating to my partner that I don't want to stop smoking

I (man, 30) have been smoking daily since 2012 (2 to 4 cigarettes/day). I do it only when there is no one I know around. I started dating a non-smoker (woman, 5 years younger than me) 6 years ago. We ...
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How can I ask the smokers to stop smoking at playgrounds? [duplicate]

I can't stand anymore to encounter smoking parents as I visit playgrounds with my 3 years old daughter. Is there any constructive way to ask the smokers in order to stop smoking at playground? I do ...
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How can I ask a new date to not smoke around me?

I can't stand smoking, like, at all. I get repulsed by someone's smoking nearby or coming close to me after smoking. It's purely due to the smell, which I find about on par with eating foods I hate ...
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What is a good replacement for social contact when giving up smoking? [closed]

I am planning on quitting smoking. I have already reduced my nicotine intake substantially by switching from machine cigarettes to roll-ups, using tobacco which is less strong. Having analysed my ...
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How do I handle strangers who want to "borrow" a cigarette and give nothing in return?

I'm a Spanish 26 year old guy. I have the appearance of what people would call "loser good guy", so when I'm hanging out (mainly at night clubs) it's really frequent people ask out for a cigarette (...
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How to stop an unofficial housemate from leaving cigarette ends in our plates and cups?

I'm a student, living with four other non-students, who've all recently graduated. There's one girl, let's call her Sarah, who officially doesn't live here, but effectively does; she stays around all ...
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How can I express disappointment while still being supportive of partner quitting smoking?

Background I met this girl, who we'll call Alice, about two years ago, and we have been casually dating for the past 2-ish months. She has been an off-and-on smoker for a handful of years, and when ...
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How to politely tell someone "No Smoking here"?

I am pretty allergic to smoking and often come across people in public, public transport and in gatherings, etc. who carelessly smoke without caring about their environment. This issue gets more ...
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What is the proper way to ask someone if they smoke or not? [closed]

I have been around people who smoke all my life, and so I know what the smell is like. Sometimes people sit beside me in lecture, and this smell comes from these people beside me. However sometimes ...
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Are there "rules" for vaping etiquette?

In the past, it seemed generally accepted as a matter of courtesy that a smoker should ask "do you mind if I smoke?" This became more and more prescriptive as health concerns increased over the use ...
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