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What is meaning of placing clenched hand on thigh and throwing elbow to one side while seated in a chair? [closed]

What is it's meaning? I sometimes do this subconsciously and at other times deliberately and I often do that when I'm alone (at the computer desk for instance) or when I'm talking with others while ...
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How to refuse to shake hands without offending the other party?

TL;DR: I don't like to shake hands and I'm looking for suggestions about how to turn people down without seeming rude or stand-offish; or how to prevent a handshake gesture from being initiated at all....
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Explaining to a parent that they shouldn't yell ambiguous commands because you have misophonia?

Suppose there is a bottle of dried basil and a bottle of curcuma on the shelf, and your mother tells you to pass her the basil but points at the curcuma. You would be puzzled at whether to interpret ...
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How to handle second meeting with a sex offender? [closed]

This is a completely new situation to me, and I really have no idea how to handle it. I was at the local grocery store, waiting in line at the deli. As I usually do, I make small talk with some of ...
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How to intervene in a random abuse/harassment situation?

To be clear, this is not a situation where it is an abusive relationship. This was an interaction that took place in an impromptu manner in a public setting. I was relaxing at an outdoor area in a ...
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What should I do to appear less 'creepy' to people?

I'm a 21-year-old black male who is 5ft 4in (165cm). With my stature described, my physique appears relatively 'soft' compared to the average adult, however, I think my personality or behavior along ...
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How do I show interest in what someone is saying in a one on one interaction?

Sometimes I am listening to a friend and they say something along the lines of "It doesnt seem like you are interested in this" or "It seems like I am annoying you" when I feel that I am genuinely ...
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