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Parents are forcing me to attend coaching despite it is affecting my mental health

Context: I am a 17 year old boy, currently in grade 10. I also go to extra coaching classes after school for Mathematics. Here's the problem: I don't feel good in the coaching centre that I go to. ...
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How can I let a classmate know I can't help them on an assignment anymore?

I'm enrolled in a university course. For some time, I've been helping another student with a major project for our class, which counts for a quarter of our grade. It is an individual project where ...
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How to handle being laughed at in a room full of people in a foreign country?

Note: It has been well over 10 years since this happened, but I think about this more often than I am happy to admit. Background Story: When I was 15 I went for an exchange year in the US. I was a ...
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What concept was my teacher trying to explain when someone might not answer my question unless I answered the same to them?

When I was eleven years old, my speech language pathologist and I did a role-play session where they'd be the other student, and I'd be asking them something like this: Me: Hi, what's your name? ...
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How to convince my parents to let me study biotechnology instead of MBBS? [closed]

From my childhood, I haven't had any dream of becoming something but my parents always wanted me to study and become a doctor and that's why they enrolled me in Neet Coaching (The National Eligibility ...
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How do I turn an acquaintance into a friend?

This is probably the most embarrassing and stupid sounding question I’ve ever asked in my life; but it’s unfortunately one without whose answer I’m stuck. Before I start with my story, I’d just like ...
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How to communicate to a fellow student of the opposite sex that avoids me that I have no interest in her whatsoever

It seems more and more evident that a fellow student (we are in the same engineering year) of the opposite gender tends to avoid me because she seems to fear that I am somewhat interested in her. This ...
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How to greet Teachers and Staffs?

I am in the final year of my Engineering degree but still find greeting my teachers difficult. It happens whenever I am on my way to college, when I have to walk from the Hostel to Campus, which ...
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How should I behave after I was caught cheating in a test to convey that I'm truly remorseful? [closed]

Last month I was caught carrying some cheat sheets during an engineering semester examination, not because I was afraid of failing but because I was afraid of forgetting a few key formulae and ...
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How to tell someone I won't do their work

I'm in a situation I don't really know how to handle. I'm a student at university and one of my class mates decided to study way too many things at the same time so she doesn't show up to many of ...
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How to bring a student back to studies? [closed]

I teach a 9th grade student. The problem is she is very talkative and doesn't pay attention on her studies as her final exams are near. Her parents are also very much worried about her. Whenever I ask ...
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How do I prevent people from repeating to others everything I say to them? [closed]

I’d like to know how I can make people stop telling others every single thing I tell them. Here’s a dialog between me and my high-school classmate, in class: Me: In case you can’t eat any more, ...
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How to tell students to not ask questions [closed]

I have very hectic schedule. I do not get time to read new subjects. I am working as teaching assistant for a subject which is very new to me. Material to teach arrives my email from mentor, just on ...
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How to tell a classmate I don’t want to give him a contact for an internship?

Background I am studying mechanics at the university. Last summer, I did a great internship in an auto industry company. This internship was really rewarding, I did a useful job and I learned many ...
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3 answers

How to tell a student in same school I want to get to know him? [closed]

I'm currently a 19 years old Spaniard male senior student, and a month ago I was asked for help by a male student in another course about a subject I'm good at. While helping him I discovered we have ...
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How to deal with intimidating people?

[m/17] My parents recently got me a personal tutor for my exams who is maybe in his late 20s. I had the first class recently, which was three hours long. Within the first 30 minutes or so he asked me ...
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As a PhD student, how can I politely tell Masters students that I don't have time to help them

I am a Ph.D. student in my fifth year of the program. I have a lot of work to finish within a few months to wrap up my work and submit my thesis before the start of the sixth year; otherwise, I have ...
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How should I handle the situation when I caught my student cheating in examination? [closed]

Backstory: I caught my school (private secondary) grade 9 student cheating in examination (third terminal). So, I took his copy and told him to go out but he didn't and kept standing in his seat ...
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