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For questions related to suicide. People who have lost someone through suicide or someone who has previously been suicidal or attempted suicide. This does not replace assistance for people who are suicidal, if you or someone you know is suicidal please see this question -

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When is it appropriate to mention someone else's suicide attempt?

So, earlier today my friend and classmate attempted suicide. He's in the hospital right now and will probably be okay, but I dread the next time he'll come to college. I know there are triggers and ...
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How do I talk to my partner who is still grieving her ex who committed suicide?

I am looking for some advice on a situation with a fairly new partner of mine. To set the scene: ~10 years ago she was dating someone, first love etc. I think he moved away so it ended. 2 years ago ...
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Friend attempts suicide, but is now acting perfectly fine. What can I do?

I am a college student. My friend (who I have known for almost 3 years now) attempted suicide 4 days ago by overdosing on sleeping pills, but not taking a sufficiently high dosage. I only learnt about ...
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How to respond to a family member wanting to commit suicide after their partner has committed suicide? [closed]

Emotional context This family member is going through a divorce with their ex dragging this divorce out as painfully long as possible so that by the time the divorce is finished they do not have to ...
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How arrange for a private meeting to 'reveal' my suicide attempt to a group of old friends

I've attempted suicide about half a year ago. I was very unstable and very stupid, but at least I survived. I'm currently stable, both mentally and physically (and have the necessary professional ...
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Dealing with ex-girlfriend suicide threat [closed]

I recently broke up with her, and it wasn't very peaceful. I am sure that she was somehow trying to cheat me. After a day of silent treatment (we don't see each other a lot, we chat via Internet), I ...
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Blocking a suicidal friend? [duplicate]

The illness There is this Israeli girl (let's call her Amy) who I know for a few years now (I'm living in Germany). Her mental state got worse over the last years: Amy has depressions, an eating ...
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What to do if I/Someone I know is feeling depressed/suicidal? [closed]

As stated in the title, myself/someone I know is currently suffering from depression/suicidal tendencies and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to do?
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