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Questions that have a specific focus on people in Sweden, or the Swedish culture.

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How to make aquantainces into friends - same gender [closed]

I (w24) do have friends but all of them are men. I have aquaintances who are women and I would really like to be friends with some of them. If I ask them to hang out, they never reply or have time - I ...
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How to tactfully shut down gossip-talkers?

I have run into a problem at work which I can not figure out the best way to deal with; the coworkers often like to gossip about eachother, and me being new makes me a great person to tell gossip (and ...
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My roommate is making me pay too much for rent. How can I confront him?

I just moved to a new city for my master studies. I met a man via a social website who is already living here and he offered to rent me his two room apartment for a year while he was studying abroad, ...
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Accidental queue jumpers refuse to believe their mistake

I was queuing at a café when two older men cut the queue ahead of me. I believe it was a genuine mistake - the room was cramped with people, and a space appeared when a woman missed that the queue was ...
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How do I ask classmates to stop asking me to hang out?

Two classmates often phone me, asking if I want to hang out. The times I have done so, I did not enjoy myself at all. We don't seem to share any hobbies/interests. What I have already tried (didn't ...
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How to handle people stressing me by standing too close in a line (and other similar circumstances)?

People standing too close In the lunch buffet room, I'm putting the food from the container on my plate, then scootch a step to the side, put some potatoes or whatever, then scootch again, etc. Right ...
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Should I ask about a colleague's obvious problem, even when I don't care much? [closed]

A colleague has returned to work after spending several months away to take care of her ill child. During this time, I took over some of her duties. She has returned and responsibilities have ...
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