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12 votes
5 answers

How to clarify to a person that I don't want her to talk to me about a certain topic anymore?

Every time my grandmother talks to me (everyday since I live in their house for almost a year now) she brings up a sensitive topic. This situation has been going on for about 4 months now and I can’t ...
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20 answers

I have a crush on a coworker but won't act on it, how can I tell my boyfriend about it and that I'll remain faithful?

TL;DR: I find one of my coworkers attractive but I know it'll pass over time. I don't want to engage in anything with this coworker, I'm just waiting for the end of the crush. I think I should tell my ...
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4 answers

How arrange for a private meeting to 'reveal' my suicide attempt to a group of old friends

I've attempted suicide about half a year ago. I was very unstable and very stupid, but at least I survived. I'm currently stable, both mentally and physically (and have the necessary professional ...
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0 answers

how does one jump-start a social life in the face of abusers who are making it impossible to socialize within your tightest circle? [closed]

I, single woman, 34 years, in Mauritius, have been the victim of domestic violence and the authorities caused my dad and brother to stop their behavior. Deep down themselves, they have not changed but ...
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3 answers

Does talking about mildly taboo topics with people normalize the subject for them?

There are a lot of topics in daily life that many people avoid mentioning outright because they're slightly "icky" or it's considered "private" or somehow mildly taboo. One of these things I've run ...
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