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Tipping etiquette for combined self-service buffet & table service

We were on holiday in Brazil recently (we're Irish), and we went for a dinner / show. The dinner was a self-service buffet, however when sitting down and during the show, waiters did come around to ...
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How do I effectively convey to a family member that tipping a certain amount is expected?

In the United States, it is customary to tip anywhere between 18-25% for "regular" service in restaurants (though from experience, people - myself included - usually aim for 20%). In extreme ...
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Do I need to tip in a restaurant that has both a waiter and a cashier?

Restaurant setup: In Canada, meals under $10 a person. Usually smallish Asian, Pizza or Fish and Chips type of restaurants. Sit down, grab your own menu from the table. Waiter shows up to take the ...
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How do I deal with Americans who are trying to force me into tipping? [closed]

I do not support the tipping system. I think it's absolutely repulsive that restaurants don't just pay their employees what they ought to be paid, and instead have them relying on the whims of random ...
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Covering for person who refuses to tip waiter without offending?

I had some guests in town visiting from Europe this past weekend. They wanted to treat me to a nice meal as a thank you for me hosting them so we went out to one of my favorite restaurants, which was ...
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