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Using my own training plan without upsetting stubborn trainer

I've been working out at the local gym where I live for about half a year now. Since my town (if one can even call it that) is pretty small, the gym is too. There aren't a lot of people and therefore ...
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How to ask coworker to go slower so I can learn how to do it

I started a new job recently. I already knew the person who I work closely with and am friends with him. This may change the typical dynamic for a work relationship. Anyway, he sometimes goes really ...
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Asking for Raise after training and certifications

I have been working as a military contractor for the past four years for a company that has treated me very well. This past year they were very supportive and reimbursed my travel and training costs ...
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How to communicate in a training to ensure small details done?

I've been asked to train "customer service" in a local charity group. I've never met the trainees, and I only know one or two people there. One of the procedure includes small details that I ...
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