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How can you make someone to respect your wishes?

I’m 18 years old in grade 11 in a high school in Bucharest, and some people like to make photos and videos of me and I hate that. I tried to tell them “enough!!” but they don’t listen. How can I make others stop making photos or videos of me, or ask my permission before they do this?

In grade 7 I had a lot of problems for nothing with my classmates. One of them had a phone and filmed me, and put it on YouTube, and then I got very pissed off, because it’s not right at all. Luckily, my best friend got the video removed completely from YouTube.

I’m trying to find solutions to make others in my class to ask my permission before they do something and not only them but also the strangers. I have tried saying “stop doing this” but some people are stubborn.