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How to politely deal with white people wanting to talk to me about racism/race issues

Now this is a sensitive topic, and I do not wish to offend anyones sensibilities - but at the same time, I want to know of an effective way of dealing with the disproportionate emotional work required of me, as a black male living in a white majority country (thankfully, not the US).

Talking about racism and race issues with white people can be particularly emotionally draining and frustrating, because of the constant defensiveness, deflections, ignorance and "tonal" arguments.

I prefer not to discuss race issues with my white acquaintances, because in some respects we live parrallel lives - and humans have a tendency of not seeing (or trivialising/being dsmissive of) things that don't affect them directly.

Over the years, I have become fed up with these kind of issues, I do understand however, that a few white people do really want to understand and be part of the solution - however, I don't feel it's my duty to do the emotional work of unpackaging these issues (some of which may involve reliving personal instances of humiliation etc) - especially, when the "listener" can decide to walk away at any time and ignore it all, since they mostly have no "skin in the game"

I would like to know how to POLITELY, RESPECTFULLY BUT FIRMLY, deal with any attempts by white people to engage with me on discussing issues involving race without taking on the emotional burden of explaining things and WITHOUT sounding bitter, resentful or fedup.