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Is it ok to say sorry, but also expect and apology?

I usually drive my girlfriend to work on Mondays because the nearest car park is just over a mile away (although when the weather is she nice she does enjoy the walk). On this occasion I suggested she drive as the weather was nice, forgetting she had to carry quite a bit to work and it would make it difficult. Instead of just reminding me about the stuff she has to carry, she overreacted saying things like "don't bother then if you don't want to take me to work" and "you think it's ok to make me walk that far with all this stuff". Immediately I said my bad and that of course I would take her in, as I do most Mondays. But she carried on and demanded I give her the car keys over and over because she wouldn't accept it was an honest mistake. I got frustrated and told her she was being a child and walked off.

Now, later we are not speaking. I said I am sorry I called her a child but I felt she was attacking me. She could have just reminded about the stuff and I would have taken her in no problem. Her reply is that you can't say "Sorry, but" because I have retracted the apology. This to me feels like saying sorry means I accept 100% of the blame, which I refute.

Am I wrong?