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How to ask someone to stop playing music without sounding religious?


Music is one of those things which are declared Haram (unlawful) by Islam, yet there are a lot of people here (and in other Islamic countries) who listen to it. So Music isn't considered a taboo here by the public as do other sins like Vulgarity, Drinking, Gambling, etc. but still, people know that it's Haram.

Common Situations

I will give you some examples of the situations I get caught up in, like:

  • Sitting in a gathering and someone plays Music on their mobile phone - it gets even worse when they assume me similar to them and often start with "Do you enjoy this song too?", "Have you seen this movie?", bla bla.
  • Sitting in a public transport and driver playing music on the bus/van/rickshaw
  • Public events and music being played in the background


I want to ask someone to stop playing music (or use head-phones if it's very necessary) without sounding a religious person.

What I have tried so far

  • When loud music is played around: I find it easier to stop them as I simply say "Please attenuate the volume of music, I am studying/doing my work" - though I am yet to find a way to stop them once music volume is somewhere between inaudible to too noisy.
  • Events which may have music: It's an easy one as I simply refuse to attend them.
  • Public Transport: If music is being played, then I don't sit in that vehicle; if driver plays music mid-way through the journey, then at times, I ask him to stop but often it leads me to sound stupid as everyone stares at me as if I am alien. Also, I can't lie that I am having headache or reading, etc.