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How to deal with an attention-seeking female roommate?

I am a male living in the U.S. with a female and another male. We all get along just fine, but as time has passed she has made me more and more uncomfortable; she shows signs of romantic interest in me and asking questions that I feel is stalker-ish and instrusive.

I want to directly address the issue of her leaving the bathing suit hanging out in the hallway (she has the biggest bedroom of us all and has a huge closet inside, there's clearly no need for her to hang it outside of her room, other than for seeking attention, I feel), but I am not sure how to do this without being accusatory and mean.

She seems to be trying everything possible to get my attention and I am trying everything in my power to maintain a somewhat private life while implying to her that I am not at all interested in her. But, she has not gotten the point yet, and I would hate for having to be explicit and spell those words out for her; I like where I live and I am guessing she does too, so it would be unfortunate for us to leave a living situation that overall works for the both of us.