Life happens, and my SO broke up with me. I understand her point of view, I have my own, and I am kinda ok with what happened, although it is a bit hard on the feelings, but you just need to give time.

Then I reported the news to my mother, she was supportive, asked how I am doing (which I told it I am ok, not lying) and I hoped things stayed that way.

However, to show support, she now messages me every morning with a good morning, every lunch with a good afternoon, every evening with a how was your day. This is so out of the norm for our communications that it makes me remember that I am single because I got dumped. It is like the [Straisand effect](

I know she is doing this because in her head she needs to show me she is supporting me, and I understand that it is in good faith. I also know that she doesn't take criticism very well, so I fear she will get sad with me if I tell her to stop, making things worse.

How could I tactfully touch this subject with her?