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How to miss my own stag party?

Although I am not to marry soon, I will do so one day (reasons irrelevant for the question). The tradition among my friends is to organise stag parties for soon-to-be married grooms. However, personally I do not agree with such parties, and I have not attended any at the moment (partly because I have been away).

Although I could (and will) let my friends know that I do not want such a party, the tradition is so strong that it is very likely I will be forced to one (perhaps through some form of misleading invitation to e.g. a "football match").

Surely attending my own stag party is not the end of the world, but I would like to be consistent with myself and truly avoid it. I am interested in successful examples that you or an acquaintance of you might have used to skip the stag (or hen) party. Being such an ubiquitous thing in the "west", there must be some proven technique for this.