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For questions regarding to the avoiding of an imminent conflict, or the general avoiding of a conflict that occurs on a regular basis. Questions regarding ongoing conflicts, or conflicts that are already started, please use the "conflicts" tag.

Kudos to you for trying to help your wife with her sister in such an unselfish way. But this would probably only lead Suzy encourage your wife to "defy" or "sneak around" you, and when the truth fina …
answered Oct 30 '18 by Francine DeGrood Taylor
Since the leaseholder removed the other roommate unilaterally, without asking for your opinion, it doesn't seem appropriate for him to ask you to pay for the results of his action. He keeps control f …
answered Oct 31 '18 by Francine DeGrood Taylor
Often, a hotel will bring an extra cot if you ask for it. I don't think there is usually a fee for that, but if there is, it should be minimal. If I were you I would call the hotel and ask about an …
answered Jul 12 '18 by Francine DeGrood Taylor
Perhaps it might help if you sit down with Friend B and explain that you are not comfortable with deception, and you do not feel it is your responsibility to help him hide the truth from Friend A. Te …
answered Oct 2 by Francine DeGrood Taylor