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For questions involving people who have shown a tendency to be stubborn, uncomprehending, or otherwise difficult to communicate with. Use this tag for issues like personality conflicts, not for difficulties arising from a physical or mental condition.

1 vote

How can one handle an encounter with a beggar/homeless person?

It may not have to be difficult. If you were homeless and forced to ask for assistance, how would you want to be treated by someone walking by. Answer the question for yourself. Based on that answ …
  • 4,279
30 votes

How to deal with a possibly abusive stranger?

The interactions between family members carry a lifetime of history and context. I am not trying to condone yelling or rudeness as a solution for anything. But what you observed was something that qui …
  • 4,279
15 votes

How to handle accidentally bumping into a drunk person while walking?

Physical violence is never a good solution. If it's justifiable, it will be because you needed to defend yourself and nothing more. With a drunk, that may be as simple as grabbing him by his shoulders …
  • 4,279