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For questions about interactions with friends, people with whom you share personal details of your lives and enjoy shared activities.

Make sure you are OK with cuddling. Getting affection from a female friend* can be very confusing and as someone who doesn't have a lot of relationship experience according to you it is important you …
answered Oct 18 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum
partners and friends in the team? It's entirely possible he has no idea of the subtleties - or he does and calling him on it would make him pay better attention to the issue. Focus on the facts (what … wording was used) and not the subjectives or unknowns (his intentions). Contrast it with positives (we're friends and partners) and emphasize your shared success. Best of luck with your friends and good luck with your chess :) …
answered Oct 28 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum
First of all - I am only projecting my personal experience and that of friends and what worked for me here - YMMV. I would try to address it with him directly and privately: Hey X, can we talk …
answered Oct 18 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum
respect you and acknowledge you as a person regardless of GUY. To work a lot better than (co)runinating with friends about breakups and problems (I've done this a lot myself in the past). More …
answered Oct 26 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum
First of all, I would not presume people get offended at these jokes. I really appreciate the kindness in wanting to stand up for others. It is entirely possible some people are taking them "in good f …
answered Nov 4 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum
her feel secure in these social settings with your friends. Make it clear that she can leave whenever she wants and she will not be judged. About the last point - I mean actually not passing any … judgement on her if she asks to leave in the middle of a friends' trip. These will be difficult at the beginning and you'll have to be very accommodating to her struggling with it. Start with things she …
answered May 20 '18 by Benjamin Gruenbaum