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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 537
Questions about having conversations with other people, and how to achieve certain things when having them. This can be covering (or avoiding) certain topics, starting them, keeping them going or brin…
× 509
For questions about interactions with friends, people with whom you share personal details of your lives and enjoy shared activities.
× 428
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the United States, or American culture.
× 424
For questions about relationships involving a significant other or sexual partner. Not to be used for generic relationships.
× 347
For questions regarding to the avoiding of an imminent conflict, or the general avoiding of a conflict that occurs on a regular basis. Questions regarding ongoing conflicts, or conflicts that are alre…
× 283
awkward for anyone concerned. This tag should be used when awkwardness is the key part of the problem.
× 280
if the question is related to the work environment, such as an issue with your boss, your coworkers, or someone you have authority over.
× 265
For any issues related to family or families. Whether it is the questioners family or someone else's family. Can be used for questions relating to gatherings for families.
× 231
respectful and considerate of other people. To be used when consideration, tact, deference, or courtesy is on the line.
× 177
For questions with regards to conflicts, such as how to deal with them or how to get involved with one. This tag is typically used for situations where there is already a conflict. If your question co…
× 168
a set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations.
× 167
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the United Kingdom or British culture.
× 128
Questions about how best to approach saying "no", or declining requests. Please explain in your question why just saying "no" is not sufficient.
× 123
going "too far" with someone/something, and about doing things that are out of order and other general questions with regards to what someone's boundaries are.
× 117
For questions about interacting with one's coworkers, whether local or remote.
× 115
Questions involving money, either the giving of or or the receiving of it, or how to handle money as a group.
× 114
For questions involving stubborn, uncomprehending, or otherwise problematic people.
× 110
Questions involving someone's mother or father, either biological or legal, and interactions between them or also interactions between yourself and one of them. Can also be used for interactions with …
× 101
For questions about socially mixing up with others, or make someone behave in a way that is acceptable to their society.
× 100
Questions that have a specific focus on people in Germany or German culture.
× 91
Questions related to interacting with others online, including via chatroom, Facebook, Skype or any other method of communicating online. Can also be used for long-distance-relationships, or just frie…
× 87
Questions that have a specific focus on people in India, or Indian culture.
× 85
For questions pertaining to people who share accommodation, whether a room or a house, but without necessarily being in "a relationship."
× 77
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the European region, more specifically when it is not necessary to use country-specific tags (such as [tag:united-kingdom]).
× 73
For questions involving a romantic relationship, whether it is a current, previous or hoped for relationship or involving the romantic relationship of another couple.
× 67
Questions about interacting with people you are not familiar with.
× 64
pertinent to any party of an encounter. The questioners own rudeness or the questioner being subject to someone else's rudeness or the questioner observing someone bein…
× 63
Questions related to interpersonal skills in a friend group. Use this tag to ask about various skills that are commonly needed in a group of friends.
× 63
For issues that usually occur in public, in public locations or in the public eye. This can include in cafes, shops, or public transport.
× 57
For questions relating to or asked by people on the autism spectrum.
× 56
looking for a way achieve their goal. Such as to properly convey certain feelings or to inform someone about a problem.
× 55
For past, present or future interaction with neighbours. Use this tag when related to dealing with neighbours, and setting boundaries or cordial relationship.
× 54
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the Netherlands or Dutch culture.
× 53
for questions looking to identify interpersonal skills which can help another person with interpersonal issues. Questions must have a clear and specific goal!
× 51
Questions about people you know but who aren't close enough to be called friends.