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Questions about having conversations with other people, and how to achieve certain things when having them. This can be covering (or avoiding) certain topics, starting them, keeping them going or bringing them to a close.

Conversations are a key way of communicating between people, and people have them on a daily basis with various people. Whether they happen online, or in person, conversations are a part of everyone's life and a key method of communication.

Conversations can happen either between just 2 people or in larger groups of people. In addition it can happen between strangers, work colleagues, friends and family. In addition the topic of conversations can also vary drastically between people, covering work or just casual chit-chat.

Communication skills can take a while to develop, and often there are various conversation topics that people have difficulty talking about, and this tag is for helping people cover the more difficult conversation topics. In addition it can also be used when seeking for help regarding starting a conversation, keeping it going or even bringing one to an end.