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For questions about interacting with one's coworkers, whether local or remote.

Coworkers are other people with whom one performs a job. Coworkers can be located in the same physical place, or they may be located in separate locations and communicate primarily via technology (text chat, email, video conferencing, phone calls, etc...)

The main power dynamics that might happen with coworkers are:

  1. Boss/subordinate
    • One person (boss) is in a position of authority over the other. The boss may control whether the subordinate receives rewards such as bonuses, pay raises, or promotions. The boss may also have the ability to fire a subordinate
  2. Team members
    • Team members are coworkers who work closely together, but neither has any explicit authority over the other. There might be some implicit authority if one has been with the company longer or has more experience in the job.
  3. Members of separate teams
    • Often times, coworkers on separate teams might have to interact in their job duties. These interactions are less frequent than members of the same team. This is another situation where there is no explicit authority defined between the two.