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Etiquette is a set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations.

Often the unwritten, but widely accepted, rules of etiquette are a very important aspect of interacting in a particular setting. Questions here should be about using proper etiquette, and whether something is (or is not) proper etiquette. Locations often include public locations, but can also include more private locations too, such as with family or friends.

Etiquette can vary greatly between cultures. What is common practice in one country may be highly offensive in another country. When answering questions tagged with make sure to pay close attention to any country or culture specific information. If you are answering from the perspective of a different culture, make sure to identify that in your answer.

This tag should also be used in reference to other tags, such as location ones () and also more specific ones such as to describe who you are with at the time. You can also use tags such as to describe the situation the asker is in.