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The long term answer is: Start doing aerobic exercise at least every other day with her, it'll hold the ADHD at bay, not sure about the effect on autists though, but there are a myriad of mental benefits of regular, particularly aerobic exercise.


You can't keep someone else sober. Many people have tried. I don't think you are responsible, but I get that you feel that way. I have dealt with multiple drunk people in my life and I have been drunk. In my opinion it's impossible to keep people from getting drunk, as someone makes those choices themselves and people don't react well when you try to change ...


I wound up marrying a woman I was very good friends with, so it's possible. The first thing, though, is for you to realize where you are making mistakes. You can't "make" her view you as less of a friend and more as a potential partner. Only she can decide to do that. Many guys complain about being "friendzoned" as if it's some kind of ...


I've never been in the parent's shoes but I remember being 11 and having a few social issues. Probably my parents were somewhat worried I only ever had a single friend every time and would attach to them a lot as they were my only social link, but they never really told me so. By that age, I was considered mature enough to handle this by myself. And I would ...

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