For questions regarding the giving, receiving or selection of gifts between anybody. Include other tags for the relationships between the givers and recipients (such as friends or coworkers) and culturally specific information.

Gifts are typically given during special events for people or countries, such as national holidays (Christmas, Easter), or personal Milestones (Anniversaries, Birthdays). Other examples of when gifts can be given are for retirement parties, secret santas, or other "special" or commemorative events. Gifts can still, however, be given out at any other point in time for any reason, and are typically used to show affection. Giving a gift to someone shows you have care for them, and in addition receiving one from someone is a sign that they care for you.

When people select gifts they typically will select gifts with the receivers hobbies in mind - or thinking of the type of gifts that they would enjoy having. In addition they may also consider prices of the gift - which can depend on the importance of the event and also how much the person means to them. Generally more significant events (such as someone's 18th birthday) and people whom are closer to the person (Such as close friends and family) will result in more money being spent on the gift. Gifts can also be made for free, as a result of the giver hand making the gift themselves.

Questions using this tag generally cover receiving or selection of gifts between anybody. Use with the tag of classification of the class of people the question applies to e.g. , also use culturally specific information and age group.