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How can I get women to reject me more openly?

You cannot achieve this goal. This is partly because you can't, in general, get people as a whole to do anything. But for this particular case, it is because society has very strongly trained women to ...
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How do I stop my friends & relatives from postponing their requests for help until the last minute and then disrupting my plans with urgent requests?

Having lived this same problem, this is what I had to do. The next time a person asks for help that you determine they could have not waited to last minute, help them and then politely call them out. ...
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How can I get women to reject me more openly?

You seem to realise it, but let me reiterate it again - your expectations are unrealistic because you can't control how other people behave and can only exercise control over your own thoughts and ...
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How can I enforce boundaries with a clingy younger woman without hurting her

One particular aspect of the situation seems slightly contradictory to me. You say she is introverted and suffers from panic attacks... and yet you met her at an association where you say she noticed ...
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