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How to navigate the extensive world of online communication. For any interactions on general sites such as FaceBook and Twitter to more interest defined sites such as Stack Exchange and LinkedIn. Issues surrounding networking, chat rooms, inbox/private messaging, requests to connect. Not to be used for questions specific to email, where social networking is not addressed.

In a growing online world, many people interact via social media, whether it be part of work or just a causal thing people do. Lots of people choose to interact via social media, or just use it to follow people they enjoy watching, social media is becoming an easy way to YouTubers or other popular people to interact with their followers by having pages, in addition groups of people with common interests can make groups and share their opinions via social media, recruiting others to follow their hobbies too. There are endless examples of social media, however some of the most common are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stack Exchange
  • LinkdIn
  • Pinterest

This tag should not to be used for questions specific to , where social networking is not addressed.

Tags such as and should also be used, however this can depend on the situation.