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How to respond to people telling me I'm smart?

Don't overthink it. What may come easy to you, and may not appear "smart" to you, may be to others. If someone pays you a compliment, feel good about your self, and acknowledge it. If you ...
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How to tactfully respond to compliments when I don't feel I deserve them?

It's not always easy to accept compliments… I'm an amateur musician, and sometimes after a performance, people express their gratitude by telling me that I'm so talented, that I play/sing so well, and ...
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How can I find out if my gf only wants me for a green card?

The real red flag for me here is the emotional manipulation: "If you really loved me, you would marry me" and the pressure after only one month of dating. Also the pressure to have sex. ...
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How can I signal to my friend that I'm open to talking about their obesity?

Short answer. Don’t do it at all. Your friend probably thinks about it way more than you imagine. If they haven’t brought it up to you you have no right to ask them about it. It’s their choice to talk ...
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