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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

when issues specific to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or other sexual/gender minorities impact the interpersonal interaction in the question. Don't use it when a member of the LGBT+…
68 questions
For questions about interpersonal skills where mental health issues play a significant role, and that do not require professional help to resolve.
67 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in France or French culture.
65 questions
When one has to interact with kids, whether they are yours or someone else's.
64 questions
For use on questions where multiple people are exchanging opposing views in a heated or angry way.
61 questions
Questions about people you know but who aren't close enough to be called friends.
61 questions
For situations that concern married partners: interactions between the couple or external factors that affect their relationship.
61 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in Canada or Canadian culture.
58 questions
For questions regarding the giving, receiving or selection of gifts between anybody. Include other tags for the relationships between the givers and recipients (such as friends or coworkers) and cultu…
57 questions
For questions involving interpersonal situations arising at, or because of, school and education.
57 questions
For questions about issues that take place in a situation where there are many other people around, ranging from strangers to close friends.
56 questions
Questions that are aimed at interactions between genders and/or to a specific gender.
53 questions
For questions about communication specifically over email. Can be used with other forms of communication, as long as there is a specific issue pertaining to email or using email as an option for commu…
51 questions
For questions related to creating, maintaining or breaking friendships.
50 questions
For apologizing or dealing with apologies from others, as well as how to make one and also how to accept one in a certain way.
49 questions
Questions pertaining to issues of understanding, respect, or tolerance of the faith-based practices of others. It also can address issues relating to the interaction of people of different spiritualit…
48 questions
For questions that involve talking on the phone with someone.
45 questions
For questions regarding work-appropriate behavior and etiquette.
45 questions
How to navigate the extensive world of online communication. For any interactions on general sites such as FaceBook and Twitter to more interest defined sites such as Stack Exchange and LinkedIn. Issu…
44 questions
to ask about interpersonal skills or problems focused on interactions within a group of people as opposed to a one on one interaction.
44 questions
For questions about how to ask someone to an event, how to respond to being asked to an event, and related situations.
44 questions
Questions involving unspoken communication like gestures, body language, or other non-verbal signals.
43 questions
For questions about being assertive and confident, without appearing to be aggressive. It means being able to defend your own rights in a calm and positive way.
41 questions
For questions about depression, or depressed people. If you are depressed, please follow the guidance provided here -…
41 questions
For questions about issues that take place at a party, or at a party-based setting. If the question is about a general social event, and the party itself has no relevance to the question, then use the…
40 questions
For questions about situations where certain types of language play an important role, such as slang, informal language or swearing. This tag can also be applied to questions about communicating with …
40 questions
For questions about issues specific to speaking out loud. Do not use this tag for questions about general communication.
39 questions
expression of goodwill upon meeting. When questions are related to civilities, pleasantries or salutation.
38 questions
For questions that involve sending text messages or SMS.
38 questions
For situations in which at least two of the involved parties come from different cultural backgrounds.
38 questions
For questions about the interpersonal skills used to navigate issues around sexual activity, including issues where there are sexual undertones. Not to be confused with 'gender'. When asking about …
37 questions
For questions about asking for, offering, accepting, or declining help.
36 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the Australia or Australian culture.
36 questions
For questions involving anxiety - weather that be you yourself being anxious or if someone else in the question/situation also has anxiety.
35 questions
For questions pertaining to post-secondary education.
34 questions
Questions about awkward moments, etiquettes, etc. related to birthdays.
33 questions
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