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Maltreatment from one person to another. It may occur in the following forms which include, but are not limited to: mental, emotional, verbal, physical, sexual.
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For questions requesting answers backed up by academic sources. If your question is about a situation in an academic environment, use the appropriate tag (college, high-school, school).
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For questions on which a persons accent is important to the question, and how their voice sounds.
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Questions about people you know but who aren't close enough to be called friends.
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A communication technique used in counseling, training, and conflict resolution. The listener has to concentrate, understand, respond and remember what is being said.
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For questions involving Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
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Used when age is an important factor within the situation in question
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Strong emotion about unfair, cruel or unacceptable state or behavior. To be used when question you are asking is dealing with anger of yours (in interpersonal context) or someone/something else.
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For questions involving anxiety - weather that be you yourself being anxious or if someone else in the question/situation also has anxiety.
36 questions
For apologizing or dealing with apologies from others, as well as how to make one and also how to accept one in a certain way.
49 questions
For questions where the author is looking for a way achieve their goal. Such as to properly convey certain feelings or to inform someone about a problem.
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Questions that has a specific focus on people in Argentina or Argentinian culture.
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For use on questions where multiple people are exchanging opposing views in a heated or angry way.
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In a 'Ask Culture', you can ask for almost everything, but must take a plain and simple 'no' as an answer. In a 'Guess Culture', you only give rise to a request when you're pretty sure the answer will…
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For questions about being assertive and confident, without appearing to be aggressive. It means being able to defend your own rights in a calm and positive way.
40 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in the Australia or Australian culture.
36 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in Austria or Austrian culture.
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For questions relating to or asked by people on the autism spectrum (this includes what was previously known as "Asperger", as well as "high functioning" and "low functioning" autism).
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For questions about situations which are awkward for anyone concerned. This tag should be used when awkwardness is the key part of the problem.
364 questions
For questions about specific interactions between people in Bangladesh, or questions about Bangladeshi culture.
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For questions relating to Belgium's society or culture. Or to specify the geographical region of the questioner to help provide context.
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For questions about betrayal in relationships. Where any type of trust has been broken.
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Questions about awkward moments, etiquettes, etc. related to birthdays.
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should be used when boundaries (either yours or someone else's) play a major role in the situation at hand. This could involve questions about how to respect other people's boundaries, how to…
166 questions
Questions that have a specific focus on people in Brazil, or the Brazillian culture.
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Questions that have a specific focus on people in Bulgaria, or the Bulgarian culture.
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When someone is hurt or frightened by someone who is bigger or more powerful, and is trying to force them to do something that they do not want to do.
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