Nigel Heffernan

Archetypal geek, working on the trading floor for investment banks and specialist investment funds.

The work I do is small systems and tactical development: much of it in Excel, some of it in C# and Python, with occasional excursions into SQL Server, Oracle and KDB. Analysis and user interface design is more than half of the work in small systems, and this is the user-facing work that I enjoy most: but you won't see any of that in the answers I put up on Stack Overflow, because The Stack is mostly about code and coding.

Yes, I have worked on larger systems, both as a developer and a technical lead for large-scale remediation and control projects, but you won't see much of that in my posts here on StackOverflow. Most of that work involves proprietary systems and some of it is quite sensitive, so it's not for discussion on an open forum.

Outside of my work, I amuse myself with origami, Limericks, cycling, and dining out. I also practice Aikido, and I am a regular participant in the Dan gradings and the courses held by the Ki Federation of Great Britain around the UK and Europe; and I'm an occasional visitor to Aikido clubs around England, Scotland, New York, Amsterdam, Paris and Vancouver.

I'm an EU national, with dual citizenship in the Republic Ireland and in Great Britain, and my current job has me dividing my time between the London trade floor and our developers in Dublin.

Right now, I'm working on getting my French back up to conversational standard - I anticipate working in Paris, Amsterdam, and possibly in Switzerland during the next 5-10 years. I look forward to that: I enjoy the travel!

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