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How to deal with situations where Asian girls don't like me (Asian male) but want to talk with White guy I'm with?
8 votes

You are actively avoiding those girls. Your friend tries to include you in conversation. It has nothing to do with him being white. It has everything to do with you feeling uncomfortable talking to ...

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How to make getting to know someone less artificial?
7 votes

The easiest thing is: be genuinely interested in Jen, her personality, her ideas, life, etc. Come up with something simple - like a night market. Go explore foods there, chat, listen and ask ...

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Friend is having a hard time, but resists emotional support
Accepted answer
2 votes

I would choose your option #1 with a bit of mix in from #2. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped at the moment, if you try too hard you will create more disconnect. But what you can ...

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Girlfriend gets extremely angry over small issues, how can I help her?
1 votes

I might be late to a party, but a very important point here is self respect. It is important to establish the point that you are her partner, not a friend, not a stranger, a PARTNER and you treat her ...

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