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I love getting to grips with sorting out big network problems. I don't mean big networks like thousands of computers all having a huge meltdown. I mean computer problems that so-called experts cant solve even on relatively small networks. My methodology is simple, when looking for the root cause of a problem, be methodical, keep it simple, get more complex about it gradually. I usually find 7 things solve all problems: A good cable tester, A good power supply tester, A SATA to usb adaptor, wireshark, and a good knowledge of linux and windows servers and desktops. OH I forgot, that was my methodology, my philosophy is, never believe anything users tell you, only a quarter of what managers tell you, and only half of what other technicians tell you. Oh and if you mess things up even worse, no matter how you feel inside, never look nervous. Look people straight in the eye and tell em it's all part of the elimination process.

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