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How can I ask (or determine) if someone on the phone is human without offending them?
71 votes

I once worked at an IT-Service hotline. I answered a call like I always do and after my standard greetings phrase the customer said nothing so I asked, "Hello? Are you still in the line?" The ...

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How to respond to someone who wants to know my dark side and wild things that I have done?
46 votes

I can only tell from my experience (means my answer is based on my own experiences and should be only linked to them. I don't mean it at a general rule). When men start talking about topics like ...

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SARS-CoV2: When conflict arises over wearing masks, what should I say?
5 votes

Like others already said, telling them to wear mask properly often lead to arguments or even a fight. Since I'm very annoyed by those people too, I tried different ways. The best one so far was to ...

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