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How to introduce change in a process while avoiding conflict?
3 votes

I understand your enthusiasm in your new job, but announcing such a big change in a standup meeting is definitely the wrong time. Instead, I'd suggest to have a meeting with the devs, where you ...

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How do I tell my aunt that I need some time off?
2 votes

I can't provide any insight into the autism/Asperger aspect, but I am an introvert and it sounds like you might be too: https://introvertdear.com/what-is-an-introvert-definition/ I've found that it ...

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Saying thanks without making it sounds like "you are doing me a favor"?
1 votes

Since they did end up helping you, I don't think you lose anything by thanking them. In fact, being gracious about other people's help (even if it's a normal part of their job) can greatly improve ...

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