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How can I respond to "It's because I'm <historically oppressed quality>" as a rebuttal to a request?
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29 votes

It is perfectly reasonable to say no, and give them a legitimate reason for your actions. In the loud music example, think of the reasons why you might feel justified in asking them to turn it down. ...

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How to remark politely that you are not an idiot, just not fluent on english language?
15 votes

I know this might have to be dependent on context, but I have met people who speak English as a second language, and who have introduced themselves by saying Hello, my name is ______, it's very ...

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How to get a close relative to stop disrespecting LGBT people in random conversations without starting any argument/fight?
8 votes

I have a grandparent who makes comments like that (not just about LGBT people, but about other things like race, too) and it bugs me to no end. What I have found works most successfully is to flat out ...

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How to make friends during class?
2 votes

My strategy for making friends in class without disrupting my education is to: Sit near the front. You are more likely (based on my experience) to encounter more serious students at the front of the ...

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