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55 votes

How do I ask for a receipt without implying distrust?

34 votes

How can I politely find out the gender of a potential roommate via email?

25 votes

How do I respond when an acquaintance asks if I'm smart?

22 votes

How to deal with a religious relative who keeps assuming that I am similarly religious?

18 votes

What's the polite response to being informed you've told the same thing more than once?

16 votes

How do I tell my parents "I don't want to go to church" over the holidays?

15 votes

How to avoid "who are you?" as a response to "how are you?"

9 votes

Answer to: "Why aren't you with your boyfriend right now?"

4 votes

How do I avoid strange questions because of a flag?

3 votes

How do I decline conversation in my native language?

3 votes

How to ask a neighbor if I can replace our shared fence?

3 votes

How do I respond to racist remarks from a coworker?

2 votes

How to avoid being seen as a cash cow by my family?

2 votes

How to accept an apology, without implying that there was no problem?

2 votes

How to remark politely that you are not an idiot, just not fluent on english language?

0 votes

Is adding “let me know if anything is unclear” to an e-mail really necessary or is it redundant?