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My motto: "If it's documented, it can be dealt with!"

I love it to manually generate web pages, because if you get that working, you know that you have achieved something.

  • I code pages in XHTML (you cannot produce tag soup and still have it displayed). When that renders, you know that the document is syntactically correct.
  • To improve accessibility ARIA is a must.
  • JavaScript is a great asset in improving a page's usability.
  • CSS is usable in many ways. Several goodies can be implemented just by using sophisticated CSS schemes.
  • I prefer Perl for generating dynamic content. /cgi-bin isn't dead yet!
  • SSI is a great way of plugging dynamic content into pages that are otherwise static.

Although I have learned quite a bit by now, I wouldn't dare call myself a pro. There's still enough that I have to learn in this matter.

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