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424 votes

How do you deal with colleagues, acquaintances asking you for knowledge that you gained with months of effort?

90 votes

Does it go against netiquette to give constructive feedback on Facebook?

63 votes

How do you tell a Facebook friend that they might be on the autism spectrum?

59 votes

How to decline a job offer from a previous employer, without burning bridges?

46 votes

How do I ask my friend for some of his water on a long bicycle ride without offending him?

28 votes

How to manage an ex-flatmate who refuses any communication at all?

26 votes

How can I try to have my mom help me understand why she won't accept a sincere apology?

22 votes

How to handle people blocking your view and breaking the rules at the theater by not sitting in their assigned seats?

19 votes

How to get friends to take me seriously?

18 votes

How to ask someone to stop playing music without sounding religious?

16 votes

How to deflect awkward questions when shopping for women's clothing as a man?

15 votes

How can I avoid signing the attendance sheet for someone who wants to sit out a class?

10 votes

As an intern, how do I make friends with full timers?

10 votes

How to explain to my girlfriend that I enjoy certain video games?

8 votes

How should I explain technical things to non-technical people?

7 votes

How can I point out errors to a teammate in a group project without being the "bad guy"?

6 votes

What to answer when thanked for calling

6 votes

How do I tell my teammate to stop replying to emails not addressed to him?

6 votes

How do I get my colleagues to turn the radio off?

5 votes

Friend smokes too much weed

5 votes

Saying 'Yes' while initiating a telephonic or messaging conversation

4 votes

How to avoid an embarrassing story from past on reunion?

4 votes

How to reply genuinely (but politely) to apologies for lateness?

3 votes

How to subtly find out whether a colleague of mine is interested in me?

1 vote

What is the most respectful way to respond when invited into a prayer circle or other religious activity I don't believe in?

1 vote

Is there any research showing whether sandwich feedbacks are more effective than other forms of feedback?